Dietetic essay

    From a nutritional point of view, the differences between grown and spontaneous mushrooms are minime.
Like every vegetable, the main part of mushrooms is made of water (about 90 %) and, aven though their proteinic content is higher than the vegetables that usually appear on our table, only 40-60 % of nitrogen present in mushrooms han a proteinic origin. This causes a reduction in intestinal absorption and, consequently, a minor proteinic nutritional power.
    The available proteinic portion, even if reduced, has a good biological value, similar to the legume's one, being present every essential aminoacid. In fact, the chemical index of grown mushrooms (see chemical composition table), that states the biologic value of present proteins, reaches 95 (max = 100). Only sulphureous aminoacids and tryptophan are present in limited quantities.
    Like legumes, the shortage of sulphureous aminoacids can be remedied by combining mushrooms with cereals, then classic noodles with mushrooms are a good marriage (over and above gastronomical taste).
    In addiction, mushrooms have a good B-vitaminic and low in mineral content.
    Grown mushrooms, e.g., are a good source for potassium and are also poor of sodium, so they are suggested for people affected by ipertension.
In contrast with other vegetable, meadow mushrooms are a quite rich source of PP vitamin (Niacine)m, which is very important in the synthesis of proteins and of cholesterol, that determines, through other components, vasodialtation and lowering og cholesterolaemia.
    Due to their weak content of lipides and to their very low energetic power (20-30 Kcal in 100 g), grown mushrooms can be part of dietetic hypocaloric plans, meanwhile they are controindicated to people affected by hyperuricaemia, gout and gotta e renal uric calculosis, due to the presence of purines, detrimental for these pathologies.
    Any kind of mushroom has to be consumed soon after the purchase, in order to avoid that they mould or ferment, producing sulphureous substances that cause disturbs.
    The consumption of mushrooms is suggested to have a well-balanced alimentation: their nutritional features render them a valide substitute to the usual vegetables that we eat every day.
    The taste of mushrooms is esteemed: they are a pleasant food too

Inquiry directed by Dott. Gianluigi Pagano, "The self conscious heart" review supported by the Interuniversitarian Consortium for Cardiovascular Research.

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